Grant Opportunities

Over the years the Pano Koumantaros Cancer Research Fund (PKCRF) has recognized that many are doing great work in the Puget Sound area to fight cancer. It has been a goal of ours to expand our funding to help support as many wonderful organizations as possible that are doing this work. In 2017, PKCRF grew from our annual Spectrum Open grant to three available grants. We hope that this increase in funding will accelerate research, and improve the quality of care being offered in our cancer community. Please see below for our current grant opportunities.


spectrum open grant

Since the founding of the Pano Koumantaros Cancer Research Fund, we have offered a Spectrum Open grant with the Fund-A-Need donations received at our annual Spectrum Open Golf Tournament.

The Foundation is currently committed to raising funds for the Pano Koumantaros Survivorship Program to help kids not only beat cancer but to survive cancer. In partnership with Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital, we are committed to ensuring healthy lives for a lifetime.


community grant

The PKCRF Community Grant is an open grant available to any organization doing great work to fight cancer in the Puget Sound.

Applications for 2019 are not open at this time. Please continue to check back in with us or submit your information below to tell us about the work you are doing in the community and what we can do to help.


blaze grant

The Pano Koumantaros Cancer Research Fund holds high respect for our Firefighters across the country serving their communities by putting themselves in harms way. Unfortunately, a side effect to doing this honorable job is a higher risk of cancer for those men and women. The PKCRF Blaze Grant is awarded annually to a fire department’s catastrophic funds to help firefighters and their families that are affected by cancer.